About Us

Chemworld Inc.was started in the year 2006 with the only purpose of being a company which specializes in importing and supplying various kinds of Intermediates & Dyestuffs for different trade sectors. Chemworld, the trader in dyestuff, started with a simple philosophy and focus on providing genuine respect, reliable service, quality products (good quality dyes) and strong technical support. These traditional values haven't changed and are as important today as they were when the company was founded. A customer is the most important person in our business of supplying Intermediates & Dyestuffs to diverse industries of all sizes. Over the past eleven years we have regularly progressed as an organization which uses the best of international social media and R&D resources to make sure our clients get outstanding tech support and unrivaled distribution requirements.

We are a customer-centric company always doing our best to offer high class products to our customers. Towards meeting this objective, we are well supported by our team of dedicated professionals. Chemworld Inc established himself in the market through the hard work of the three founders, who have huge experience of market from last 35 years as a commission agent and this inspired us to doing our own business of Intermediates & Dyes and respected suppliers with loyal customers, high quality Intermediates and an extensive list of products and services.

We provide thoughtful client support, responding quickly to all appeals and needs. Our clients can anticipate batch-to-batch steadiness, within given specifications, supported by our technical service division which appears ready to assist our clients with all your product relevant questions and problems. Chemworld also makes every make an effort to meet up with every order constantly and quickly, within the guaranteed time estimated, and with a price that is market competitive. Our major client is Aarti Industries, Mumbai.

Chemworld has grown from a local company to a renowned and esteemed national supplier with devoted customers, top quality dyes and a widespread list of products and services. Chemworld is an expert supplier of dyes for all types of sectors. Chemworld has gained our clients' admiration by providing close consideration to all information concerning their colorant requests by providing them cost-effective and top Chemworld quality base dyestuff product.

Why Chemworld?

  • Our products are bought from the most well-known & trustworthy manufacturers.
  • We maintain a large stock with an all year circular stock availability.
  • Consistence in timely distribution and client follow-ups.
  • Chemworld today grips a unique edging in advance of all its opponents only because we pursue the strictest rules with regards to quality and service.

Our huge and well managed Godown facilities represent a plus point to our company. They allow us to meet immediate necessities of our customers and guarantee a smooth development for their production phases. Our Godown is situated in Narol, Ahmedabad.

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